First Visit

Dear Parent(s):

We would like the first visit for your child to be as pleasant as possible. Because parents often don’t know what to expect, it is not unusual for parents and children to be a bit apprehensive about the first dental visit. By letting you know what will happen during this visit, it can be much more relaxing for you and your child.

At the initial visit, our goal is to complete a comprehensive oral examination, take any necessary x-rays, thoroughly clean the teeth, and apply a fluoride treatment. Dr. Suzanne will also speak to you about preventive dental care and any areas of concern regarding growth and development of teeth and/or jaws. Since our office has an orthodontist, we can also recommend if and when orthodontic treatment would be needed.  

To prepare your child for the first visit, we recommend the following:

  • Tell your child they are going to the dentist and Dr. Suzanne is going to count their teeth, probably take some pictures (x-rays) of their teeth, and clean their teeth with a special toothbrush.
  • If your child asks you a question about the visit that you’re not sure about, tell them: “I don’t know, we’ll have to ask the dentist when we get there.”
  • To help assure a positive experience for your child, please avoid discussing any negative dental experiences or dental anxiety you may have with your child. Children can easily pick up on their parent’s anxieties and this sometimes leads to them having more anxiety.
  • You can tell your child that you will be with them during the visit. 

We want the experience to be positive for your child and we will try to do what needs to be accomplished in an efficient and caring manner.  

Thank you,
Dr. Suzanne & Team