Virtual Consultation

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to save you time and still able to meet our doctor via the virtual consultation at your convenience.

Are you ready?  Please follow these instructions to send us photos of your smile!

Tools needed: spoon, digital camera or a phone to take photos. 

Step 1: Wash your hands and the spoon thoroughly

Step 2Take photos in selfie mode, or if able, ask a family member to help you so that you can get the best possible photos. Take photos in seated position, and in a room with good lighting or enable flash on the camera/phone.



Take a profile snapshot, a front view no smile, and a front view smiling naturally 



Right side and Left side:


Bite down on your regular bite with back teeth touching. Use the spoon to pull your cheek as far back as possible and take a snapshot of the right bite. Repeat the same process for the left bite

 Front teeth biting down and front teeth apart:


Bite down on your regular bite. Smile and show as much teeth as possible. Now snap picture looking straight at your smile.

Next, slightly open your bite until front teeth are slightly apart. Smile and show as much teeth as possible. Now snap picture looking straight at your smile

Upper teeth and Lower Teeth:


To capture all upper teeth, tilt your head back and open as wide as possible. For lower teeth, slightly tilt your head down and retract your tongue. 

Step 3Submit your photos and contact us either at our office number 408-600-3200 or email at with your contact information and tell us about your treatment goal.  We will reach out to you to set up a time to meet with our doctor through video or telephone conference. 

Please note that Virtual Consultation is not a comprehensive diagnosis and that further records may be needed in order to provide the best care. Therefore all data submitted is for evaluation purposes only and does not constitute or replace an in office visit or exam. By making a submission and sending your information to us, you acknowledge and agree that you are taking full responsibility for the submissions, including their content, legality and/or any intellectual property contained therein.  You further agree that you are solely responsible for any claims related to or arising out of such submission and you agree that you will hold Dr. Daniel Nguyen and Dr. Suzanne Nguyen harmless relating to any such claim.